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Absurd harm to coffee

How caffeine works

Caffeine is a stimulant that blocks receptors for fatigue. Stronger stimulants, such as methamphetamine, work on the same principle.

All you need to understand about it is that the structure of the caffeine molecule is similar to the structure of the molecule, which reacts with the fatigue receptor. Naturally chemically closing the signal of fatigue.

How does the body respond

Of course, the human body is the greatest creation and it has a mechanism to combat all problems and ailments. It naturally increases the amount of fatigue receptors. Taking the usual dose of caffeine, you will not find the difference between the state when you have not drunk coffee at all and now that you drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning.

Fatigue receptors are a natural mechanism that protects the body from energy overspending. After all, energy is needed to fight for survival and to cope with various harmful factors (cold, bacteria and viruses).

What does this lead to?

If a coffee lover wants to cheer up, he should use more coffee, to which the body responds by creating more fatigue receptors.

If such a person does not drink coffee, he will feel very tired, even more tired than he really is.

How to be coffee lovers and coffee lovers

For the maximum effect of this available stimulator, it should not be used at all on an ongoing basis. If you drink coffee every few months, when this requires a moment, for example, you need to perform responsible work on time, there is enough vigor from one cup to stay up all night.


Drink for health, but know when to stop!

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Images: Absurd harm to coffee Absurd harm to coffee
Images: Absurd harm to coffee Absurd harm to coffee