Blatant bugs that kill the image

Even the most stylish and well-thought out wardrobe spoils the owner's not-tidy. You should always strive to look perfect, no one should see a woman with a dirty head and broken nails, at least. The order must be not only in the closet, but also in the body.

Meet the person on clothes. Then they look at the shoes, and if it is not polished to a shine, and even worse is dirty and shabby (if it is not the style of a poor student), such a person immediately drops out of the number of neat and attentive to his appearance. You can not even try to build yourself a fashionista, no one will take seriously.

Everyone's appearance is different and it is silly to follow a popular fashion if it does not fit either the figure or the color type of the appearance. This knowledge is also important, if a person does not know which color highlights his individuality and makes him bright, and which will darken and spoil his appearance, it’s too early to talk about creating your own style.

Wearing clothes not in size. No need to try to deceive everyone and wear pants a size smaller, your legs will not become thinner, and the overall impression will deteriorate. The same applies to large sizes, in 99% of cases, the best image is created from clothes of its size, regardless of the type of figure and some, often exaggerated, flaws.

Beautiful girls, wanting to show their beauty, wear an open top and bottom at the same time. As a result, they look cheap and frivolous. It is not necessary to wrap up and hide the figure. In the fashion world there is one important rule - open top - closed bottom. And vice versa. So, you can show long legs, but to abandon the deep neckline or wear deep necklines with trousers or a skirt to the knee.

Too much makeup. Day makeup should not be bright, but during sports activities it is better to do without it.

Too strong smell. Even the most pleasant scent can be spoiled by your casual attitude. From the girl should not smell for a kilometer. All that is needed is a thin train to make you want to go after it. If the whole work department is gifted with a smell, this desire will not arise.

Demonstration of underwear is another common mistake.If the pants with low waist, you need to make sure that the linen was not visible.

Do not do stupid things. Then nothing will spoil the created image.

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Images: Blatant bugs that kill the image Blatant bugs that kill the image
Images: Blatant bugs that kill the image Blatant bugs that kill the image
Images: Blatant bugs that kill the image Blatant bugs that kill the image