Beer and Chocolate!!!! Brussels Belgium is AWESOME!!

Brussels is the capital of chocolate

According to official figures in Belgium, three thousand chocolate factories, which annually produce 172 thousand tons of chocolate. There are more than two thousand shops specializing in confectionery in the country, and most belong to local chocolatiers in small towns.

In the capital of Belgium, Brussels, chocolate counters are everywhere, but familiarity with the chocolate capital should begin with a visit to the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. This is a small cozy museum located in an old townhouse with a stepped gable near the main square.

The exhibition, which occupies three floors, tells the story of chocolate in detail, and daily tastings from the best chocolate producers in the country attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world. You will find out when the first guilds of chocolatier were created, how different types of chocolate are different, why chocolate was initially considered only medicine and other surprising facts.

A few blocks from the square is the store "Planet of Chocolate", which sells elegant and very expensive chocolate medallions, an exclusive treat for true connoisseurs. Here you can sit in a cafe and continue to get acquainted with the history of Belgian chocolate at a stationary exhibition at the store.

Continuing your journey through the city in a southerly direction, you will go to the gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame-du-Sablon and the famous confectionery "Vittamer Chocolate", which is famous for delicious handmade pralines with a variety of fillings. Each such set is a unique adventure and pleasure at the same time.

"Vitammera Chocolate" is a family-owned business, one of the first chocolate houses in Belgium and a manufacturer of the most expensive chocolate varieties in the world. Other famous Brussels chocolate houses include Pierre Marcolini, Leonidas, Godiva and Gold Coast, on the logo of which, paying tribute to the African history of cocoa beans, three pyramids, an elephant and palm trees are depicted.

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Chocolate, waffles and other sweets in Brussels
Brussels is the capital of chocolate

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop
Brussels is the capital of chocolate

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