Intro to Veiled Chameleon Care

Chameleon as a pet

Features of chameleons
In the reptile in the subcutaneous layer cells are located with pigments of brown, black, yellow and red, so the chameleon can change its color. Due to the combination of pigments, different shades appear. The color of the chameleon changes rapidly, becoming yellow, orange, white, green, brown or black. Another chameleon can change color partially - the reptile may be covered with stripes or spots. The color changes depending on the light, temperature, fear, irritation, humidity, for protection, during the breeding season.
There are many types of chameleons. In the terrariums you can see the panther chameleon, Yemeni chameleon, carpet chameleon. Chameleon Jackson and four-legged chameleon can be found less often, they are very demanding for breeding at home.
How to contain a chameleon at home
Now you will not surprise anyone with a home chameleon - now it is a frequent phenomenon. Here are the main rules of care and maintenance of such pets:
1.At the time of purchase, pay attention to the type of chameleon. The lizard should not look skinny and sick. Chameleons are very difficult to treat. It is better to refuse to buy a rare species.
2. For a male, choose a terrarium 50x50x120 (LBH), for a female - 40x50x80. The sex of a lizard is easy to determine. The male is much brighter, it has a thickening at the base of the tail. Do not forget that in the terrarium you want to install ventilation and lamps for heating.
3. Equip the terrarium with snags and "trees", to which the chameleon usually climbs in wildlife.
4. Humidity - 70-100%, temperature in the daytime - 28 degrees, at night - 22.
5. Feed the chameleon insects, which are sold in the store. If desired, they can be diluted independently. Give the lizard fruit every day. Feed large individuals with mice.
6. Do not keep several males in one terrarium, they will immediately begin to fight for the territory.

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Images: Chameleon as a pet Chameleon as a pet
Images: Chameleon as a pet Chameleon as a pet