How to make coconut oil in your home

Coconut: beauty recipes


Coconut milk

Coconut milk is supersaturated with beneficial natural elements that are good for our skin. Get out of the fruit coconut milk can be without much effort. It is enough to do two holes at the base of the coconut and drain the contents into the container. Fresh, not spoiled, it is translucent in appearance, has a delicate pleasant aroma. Coconut milk in its pure form should wipe the skin of the face and body, and you can also add it to lotions. It perfectly cures inflamed skin, various allergic rashes, acne and soothes irritated areas. For oily hair, coconut milk can be used as a rinse after regular shampooing.

Coconut pulp

Coconut pulp contains a large amount of natural oils, healing substances and antioxidants. It is great for making masks. The easiest recipe: to rub a piece of grated pulp on a grater and apply the mass on a cleansed face, withstand a mask for 15-20 minutes and wash with warm water.The flesh soothes the skin, rejuvenates it and visibly refreshes. If the skin of the face is oily, then a couple of drops of lemon should be added to the mask.

Coconut oil

Among other things, coconut oil is widely used in cosmetics. It is produced by squeezing coconuts. Additives of coconut oil can be seen on the labels of shampoos, creams, gels and other things. In undiluted form, coconut oil has an excellent drying effect. This does not dehydrate the skin. The oil is suitable for the care of oily skin of the face and head, as well as for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Cleaned face wiped with coconut oil, leave for 10-15 minutes and remove the remnants of a napkin. The procedure helps to eliminate excess sebum. And for the treatment of dandruff, you need to slightly warm the oil and apply on the scalp and along the entire length of the hair for half an hour. After the procedure, the head is well washed with shampoo.

“The ancient beauty recipe” has been preserved to this day, which according to legend, women used to maintain youth and radiance of the skin: once a week, coconut milk should be combined with a glass of goat milk (alternatively, cow's milk).After sleeping, drink half the drink on an empty stomach, and wash the rest of it with the rest of the body.

Coconut is perfect for use by those who have problem skin, prone to fat. It has a number of advantages, has a disinfecting and regenerating effect.

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Images: Coconut: beauty recipes Coconut: beauty recipes
Images: Coconut: beauty recipes Coconut: beauty recipes