Cute Double Bun Hair Tutorial

Fashionable double bun

How to create a stylish and fashionable hairstyle with a double beam?

In fact, it is easy to choose an individual and irresistible style of this hairstyle. To do this, you only need to separate the hair with a parting, make two symmetric bunches, and fix them to your liking. All!

Negligence is an inherent feature of the hairstyle. Hair do not need to be carefully laid. Universal option is a beam, low located on the back of the head. It is suitable for any age. And the youth version is raised, like squirrel ears, tufts of hair. The second option in combination with a spectacular makeup will help create a bright fashionable image. Depending on the color, length and structure of the hair, you can vary the hairstyle.

This simple, but fashionable hairstyle is suitable for any day. That is why every girl can look fashionable and attractive. Of course, it looks catchy, but not boring. And the most important thing is that any girl can choose her favorite, convenient version of the fashionable hairstyle this season.

This hairstyle is very feminine.Some girls will want to form tightly twisted bunches of hair, like sharp ears, others will like loose buns of curls and part of their hair they will want to dissolve. Hair options are many. Bundles of hair can be arranged in different ways: almost on the forehead, on the sides of the head, or on the crown itself. You can form a strict hairstyle, combing all the hair up in one volume bundle, and dismissing some of the hair. The latter option is suitable for very long hair.

Through experiments and tests, you can achieve positive results and choose the appropriate option for a stylish hairstyle from two beams in the style of IT.

Video: 3 Easy Double Buns | Space Buns for Thin, Normal, & Thick Hair

Fashionable double bun

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