From ancient history: clothing of the ancient Egyptians

Clothing that in ancient times was worn by the inhabitants of the banks of the Nile and the inventors of the pyramids attracts attention not only with simplicity and practicality, but also with ideally verified geometric lines. Even the modern designers and connoisseurs of beauty can envy the sewing skill of Egyptian artisans, their patterns.The undoubted advantage of Egyptian clothing was its manufacture from lightweight and high-quality fabrics, which today are called "environmentally friendly" - cotton and flax. Later, they also added skin.
It is worth noting the enviable commitment of the Egyptians to the classics and their traditions. After all, the style and style, and outside the layers of the slave-owning society, practically did not change even for years - for thousands of years, remained the fundamental principle for future generations.
Other features of ancient Egyptian clothing can be considered a commitment to white color and a certain definite semantic pattern in the form of drawings of plants, animals and even insects.Very popular in Egypt was, for example, the image of the scarab beetle, worshiped in the country as a talisman and a symbol of the resurrection from the dead.
The first women's dress known to contemporary scholars was a version of a formfitting straight and long to ankle sundress with one or two straps. It was called “kalaziris” and looked very sexy because it left its chest open. Moreover, Egyptian girls not from high society made, as a rule, on the sides of the kalaziris, for the sake of convenience during work, long cuts.Many ancient Egyptian slaves preferred to work practically naked, limiting themselves to a narrow belt and woven necklace.
Certain changes in female costume occurred during the periods of the Middle and New Kingdom. But they touched mostly noble Egyptians. In particular, the traditional kalaziris has become a kind of underwear. On top of his girls wore transparent and beautifully draped capes, leaving one shoulder open. In addition, it was then that the pleating that looked like a pyramid came into fashion.
Ancient Egyptian women (as well as men) attached great importance to make-up and accessories, one of which was a massive Ukkh worn around the neck.But the headgear in his wardrobe had perhaps the couple of the Pharaohs, often preferring crowns in the form of hawks. The rich Egyptian women were limited to wreaths of beautiful flowers or wore jewelry in the form of a tiara on their heads.
Ancient Egyptian men treated their clothes simply. Except for the Pharaohs. At first, the entire men's wardrobe consisted of only rectangular, oval, or other geometric pieces of white cloth in the form of an apron. Later, they began to add a garment to the apron - a bandage made of white draped fabric, as well as a fabric necklace familiar to the entire population of the country.
With an increase in the length of his scheten, they began to fasten his waist with a belt. Moreover, rich people decorated their belts with gold threads and various ornaments. The fashion changed only after the onset of the Middle Kingdom period. The men began to wear several skents at the same time, not shringing pleats off and turning the apron into underwear. Appeared and borrowed from the Syrians light cape for shenty. In two versions - with sleeves and without them.
Clothing "sons of God" - the Pharaohs, from the one that wore the Egyptian aristocrats, differed little.First of all, it concerned more high-quality fabrics and the manufacture of corrugated sheets. As well as such decorations and accessories as attached tails to the concept, plates made of metal and even the obligatory attribute of the pharaohs is the golden beard.One of the main signs of government in Egypt was urey. This is a golden hoop for the head of Pharaoh with a figurine of a snake - a symbol of wisdom and the sun.
And from the dust and sand of the ancient Egyptian rulers were reliably protected by a special head scarf clift. The pharaohs, who lived and reigned in the New Kingdom, added a suede made of light smoky fabric over their heads.


From ancient history: clothing of the ancient Egyptians

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