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Front decoration of country houses, cottages

All well know that the brick tile is characterized by exclusive durability, it is steady against moisture and low temperatures. In addition, this material is surprisingly durable, and so much so that it can “survive” the supporting structures. Because of this, clinker has long become a respected material among builders and consumers.

Clinker tiles

Given the modern technology of its manufacture, it is possible to responsibly say that the clinker tiles also reliably retain heat in a country house!Clinker has a low thermal conductivity, resistance to moisture and frost, it is incredibly durable.
This property is valuable for the northern regions, where the primary problem is considered high-quality insulation of facades. The most effective solution to this problem was the use of thermal panels in combination with tile. This design has two components - directly heater, as well as its protection.
Naturally, the aesthetic aspect is very important here. Even during firing, without using dyes, the color range of such a tile is formed. This means that the color of the tile will not change, no matter how scorching the sun is. The material has a solid appearance, it never fade.

Facing brick

Also to the facing materials with the highest sample, refer to the front brick, often referred to as facing.The facing brick, usually, hollow, and it facilitates finishing. Also, the material is extremely durable, resistant to frost and moisture.
Usually the front brick is slightly lighter than the building one, as it has a different function. Since it is not used as a supporting structure, playing the role of decorating, as well as protecting the facade covering, because of which massiveness is not required for it.
When choosing a facing brick, it is necessary to be guided by the indicators that it should have a smooth color in the absence of cracks. The figured brick possesses the rounded edges and corners. It is easy to coat columns, arches and other non-rectangular structures with this material. Still produced lekalny brick, which produce on request.
Regarding the variety of colors, such a brick is in no way inferior to other materials for finishing the facade of a house.

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Images: Front decoration of country houses, cottages Front decoration of country houses, cottages
Images: Front decoration of country houses, cottages Front decoration of country houses, cottages