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Review addedMay 14, 2014authorKakProsto

Canon EOS 1100D Camera Kit

Good camera

I use the camera for the 3rd month. Photo quality is excellent. Despite the fact that it is a whale lens, with the right settings, you can make "masterpieces".
Thanks to the CMOS matrix, the images are very bright and saturated. You can shoot video and take photos in RAW mode, install various lenses and flashes, use filters and other accessories. Convenient and intuitive interface.
The camera is great for both beginners and professionals. In my opinion, the price of the goods is fully justified by the quality.
The possibility of changing the lens.
Good photosensitivity matrix.
A large number of additional features and settings.
The lens cap is not attached to the body.

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BEST Camera For Beginner Photography!
Good camera

Best Travel Camera 2018!!
Good camera

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