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Great Dane: breed features


The most important error is to think that the intimidating dimensions of a Great Dane correspond to its character. In fact, they are very sociable and friendly dogs, distinguished by their patience.
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Great Danes are ideal for families. They are gentle and affectionate, loyal and sociable. They like to spend a lot of time at home with their families.
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There are, of course, difficulties in raising these dogs. Firstly, they are more suitable for people who already have experience with dogs. Sometimes dogi can be quite capricious and independent. In addition, the Great Dane is not suitable as a companion for those people who have long been absent from home - the dog constantly needs company.
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In general, the Great Dane is suitable as a guard dog. He barks quite a bit, but he will necessarily bark at strangers, besides strangers are frightened by the size and appearance of the dog.
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In terms of care, the German dog is not too whimsical.Dogs almost do not fade, for grooming it is enough to clean up the coat with a rubberized brush from time to time. It is not recommended to bathe dogs because of the large sizes and peculiarities of wool, it is better to use dry shampoo.
It is also recommended from time to time not to shortly claw the dogs.
Dogs should regularly brush their teeth and inspect the ears, nose, paws and eyes.


Another feature of the mastiff, with which you need to be careful - the dog simply does not realize its huge size, so it can easily knock a person off his feet, joyfully jumping to greet. During the walk, dogs can get very dirty, and they also have increased salivation.
Like any dog, the Great Dane must begin to raise from early childhood. Due to the nature of his character, you should never shout at a dog and apply other severe punishments to it.
It is worth remembering that Great Danes are affectionate and sensitive dogs, so they adopt the owner's emotions, this must also be taken into account when raising.


Great Danes : Know Your Breed!
Great Dane: breed features

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