22 Amazing Uses, Benefits, Beauty Tips, & Life Hacks For BAKING SODA

How can soda be used


Jewelry or tableware made from this metal has long been considered uncommon. Unfortunately, over time, dark spots appear on the surface of silver. You can get rid of them in the following way. First you need to take a large container and cover it with foil. Then pour hot water and add 100 g of soda and the same amount of salt. Next, you should soak the silver products in this solution for 30 minutes, rinse, wipe with a dry soft cloth. Dark spots will disappear.

White sneakers

White shoes will always be in fashion. But the spots on it are best seen. Not every way will help to remove them most efficiently and restore the whiteness of their favorite things. In order to freshen up the color, you need to mix in tables 2 tablespoons of soda, a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of water. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Apply the obtained suspension to the surface of the shoe in two layers with an unnecessary toothbrush. After application, leave the sneakers for 3-4 hours in the sun. After a while the mixture will dry. It must be removed.As you can see, sneakers have become several shades lighter.


A place where you can relax after a hard day. Over time, and the bath begins to acquire plaque. To get rid of it, you need to take 4 liters of water, add cup of soda, a glass of alcohol and ½ cup of vinegar. Apply the mixture onto the walls of the bath. Leave for 20 minutes. Rinse the bath. If the result is not satisfactory, the procedure can be repeated.

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Pour Baking Soda on Your Bed, and See What Happens
How can soda be used

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