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How income tax is charged in 2019

In the Russian Federation incometaxom is calledtaxon income from individuals (PIT). Personal income tax rate varies: 9, 13, 15, 30 or 35%. As a rule, in most cases incometaxfor residents (individuals residing in the territory of the Russian Federation for at least six months over the next 12 months) is calculated at the rate of 13% For example,taxwith wagestaxrental housing, etc.
For non-resident personal income tax is 15 or 30%, it depends on the type of income. The amount of dividends received by a non-resident is chargedtaxwith a rate of 15%. For other income personal income tax for them is 30%.
Most citizens do not worry about filing a personal income tax declaration intaxmarketing body and how to pay incometaxfrom the salary. This is usually donetaxmarketing agents - employers or organization for whichtaxthe payer performs certain work under civil law contracts (contract agreement, author's agreement, etc.).
In some cases, incometaxIt is not charged from the aggregate amount of income, but only from its part. For example,taxmarketing deductions (income taxtaxs) are laid for people who became ill as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In this case, personal income tax at a rate of 13% each month will be deducted only from the part of the income that remains after deducting the preferential amount. Income CasestaxOm is taxed only a certain amount of income specified in Art. 217 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
The return of personal income tax, which was withheld in the last reporting period from the income of an individual, is calledtaxnet deduction. HavetaxPayers have the right to standard, property, social and professionaltaxmarketing deductions. Standardtaxmarketing deductionstaxpayers receive from theirtaxmarketing agent. For other deductions, you must personally contacttaxmarketing organization.
The taxpayer must annually completetaxDeclaration on the form 3NDFL and provide it totaxmarketing body. It is necessary to indicate the total income for the last year, as well as the amount paid from ittaxa, including income received throughtaxmarketing agents.

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How income tax is charged in 2019

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How income tax is charged in 2019

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