5 Steps to Achieve Enlightenment — All Supported by Science, with Andrew Newberg

How to achieve enlightenment

Before you begin to self-knowledge, adequately assess your health, mental and physical. Tendency to aggression, chronic diseases of systems and organs, mood swings - your negative qualities can break out and increase, harm you. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are excluded. Get rid of everything that can stop you.
Find an experienced mentor. Under his leadership, you will be engaged in such spiritual practices as yoga, meditation and others. He will also help you to change your attitude towards the outside world and the state of the internal.
By all means try to attract positive energy. Do any act with the knowledge of its usefulness in yourenlightenmentand self-knowledge. If he does not help, and even more so bothers you, give up on him.
Wish good to everything that surrounds you: people, animals, plants, elements. Think of all this as helpers, promoting you to self-knowledge.
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And even the most spiritually elevated people recognize that there are states of being and beyond the level of development that they have achieved. The time allotted to a person to live is enough to achieve enlightenment, but not enough to complete it.
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Finally. The shortest and correct answer to the question “how to achieve enlightenment” is nothing to achieve and no one. When this understanding comes to the full, the question disappears, like all the other illusions of life. But while this question is relevant, there will be a search, and practice, and results (or lack thereof). And remember: all that is expressed in words is only concepts.

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What Does It Take to Reach Enlightenment? | Sadhguru
How to achieve enlightenment

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How to achieve enlightenment

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