1C:Enterprise for developers, part 4. Development of the print form Quotation

How to add forms to 1C

Most forms of the 1C program have a typical configuration, which has long been familiar to the user. In order to understand the process of addingforms�in 1C, consider the principle of operation. Go to the program, a menu will immediately open, from the list of which you can select the required item. Accordingly, the form you need opens. Work with her, choosing this or that team. As soon as you do not need it - close the selected form.
As a rule, those forms that were generated automatically contain the minimum number of fields. If it becomes necessary to add some new one, then click the button called �Add�. The designer himself will offer you at his discretion to choose one or another type of 1C form. Here you can remove or add command panels. As a rule, these settings remain the default.
After that, open the form 1C, filled by default. It will contain all those details of the object 1C, which are characteristic of the program itself.
On the second tab of the designer, check the boxes that you need. Those details that are not needed, delete. It is very easy to do this - select the fields that you do not need and press the "Del" key.
Move the remaining details with the mouse by dragging them to the free fields. To add new details to the form 1C, click the button on the panel called "Data Placement". Then on those elements that should be added, check the checkboxes. Use the appropriate commands to confirm all your actions.
To make the new form 1C work, add handler functions. To do this, enter the properties of the element by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. The "Events" section will appear at the bottom of the window. The next step is to select a convenient event, then click the button with a magnifying glass. The event handler will open.

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How to add forms to 1C

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How to add forms to 1C

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