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How to Apply Bronzer on Light Skin

Two Parts:

Bronzer helps achieve a sun-kissed, golden glow without relying on the sun or tanning beds. Bronzers are a similar makeup to blush and come in a variety of formulas--liquid, cream, pressed, and loose powder. Bronzer can also come in many different shades, like brown, red, peach, and coral. It can be tricky to achieve a natural look with bronzer if you have light skin. But with the right bronzer application, you can confidently pull off a natural sun-kissed look with a pale complexion.


Selecting the Right Bronzer

  1. Choose a bronzer 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone.For light skin, bronzers that are softer toned, like gold or pink, are most flattering. Avoid bronzers with red or orange tones to prevent looking sunburned rather than sun-kissed.
  2. Pick a bronzer with either a matte or shimmer finish.Choose matte bronzers if you would like extra definition, or choose shimmer if you want to add a little more color to your face. Matte finish bronzers do not add any extra shine, while the shimmer bronzers have a sparkle effect. Both types are recommended for light skin.
  3. Decide between pressed, loose powdered, cream, or liquid bronzer.All types work well for light skin, and this choice is more personal preference. Try getting a palette with a few light and dark shades so you can blend and experiment with what works for your skin tone.
    • Pressed and mineral bronzers will be applied with a medium or large brush. Fan brushes or medium-sized round makeup brushes with soft bristles are recommended to apply the bronzer in the lightest, natural way.
    • Cream and liquid bronzers will be applied with a makeup sponge or your fingers.Make sure to be light-handed to avoid creating a “muddy” appearance.
    • Cream-based bronzers work best for those with drier skin.

Applying Your Bronzer

  1. Create a base layer with a tinted moisturizer or .Use a shade that most closely matches your skin tone. Liquid moisturizer is a lighter, more natural option, though liquid foundation will provide better coverage. Apply a light, even layer over your entire face. This will even out your skin tone, reduce any redness, and hide other imperfections.
    • Make sure to go with a foundation color that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.
  2. Set makeup with loose powder.Select a shade most similar to your own skin color, and dust powder foundation over your face. Blend the powder into your base layer. The powder creases a smooth, even surface, helpful before applying the bronzer.
  3. Dab a little bit of bronzer onto your brush or sponge.A little bit of bronzer goes a long way, especially on lighter skin. Lightly dab your brush or sponge once or twice into the bronzer. Then, tap or blow off the excess.
    • With light skin, you want to be precise and conservative when applying your bronzer because contrast between the color of the bronzer and your skin tone make it easier to see mistakes.
  4. Apply matte bronzer in a “3” shape.Matte bronzers allow you to create definition through contouring. If using a matte bronzer, sweep it onto your skin in a “3” shape–at the corners of your forehead above your eyebrows, just above your cheekbones, and along your jawline.
  5. Apply shimmery bronzer to the high points on your face.Shimmery bronzers work a little bit like highlighters, and so should be applied to areas where the light naturally hits. Focus your application at your temples, along your cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose to get a soft, natural glow. Use a light, sweeping arc motion to apply the bronzer to your skin in these areas.
    • Avoid applying shimmery bronzer to your nose if you have oily skin or a prominent nose.
  6. Build up bronzer with light and gradual layers.Use your brush and gently dust bronzer where the sun would kiss your face. With a light hand, layer the bronzer as lightly as possible to build up the color in sheer layers. If using cream or liquid bronzer, use a small amount and rub in a circular motion. Dust some loose powder over top to create a more natural look.
    • Don’t apply the bronzer all over your face.
  7. Blend your bronzer thoroughly.Use a makeup brush, sponge, or your fingers to blend the layers of bronzer with your base layer of makeup. You want to blend until it looks subtle and soft. Use long, soft strokes to blend effectively.
  8. Inspect the look of your bronzer.Is your bronzer well blended? Does it look like you were just at the beach, kissed by the sun? Or does your face look splotchy? Do you need to apply any more bronzer in certain spots? If you see any excess bronzer, blot it out with a tissue or cover it up with a dusting of powder.
    • If you are wearing a low-cut shirt, dust a little bronzer to your chest along your collarbones.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How do I remove dark circles under my eyes with makeup?
    Community Answer
    Use concealer and powder, then mix it well.
  • Question
    I am familiar with under-eye concealer, but it appears the model has a concealer that had a brush dipped into liquid, what is this?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Concealer comes in various forms, you have stick, pot, or liquid. The model may have been using either a pot or liquid concealer, that's why she was applying it with a brush.
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