How to apply tile adhesive

How to apply glue to the tile

Before you start applying glue to the tile, clean its base from dust and other small particles. If you have chosen a mastic or water-based cement mortar as an adhesive, wipe the base of the tile with a sponge moistened with water. If you decide to use solvent-based mastic, apply a solvent suitable for the glue on the tile surface.
The amount of glue needed to apply to the tile may vary from work to work. This value depends on the characteristics of the adhesive itself, and on the surface properties for installation, and on the temperature and humidity conditions in the room in which the repair is carried out. For example, a porous base requires a greater amount of glue than a smooth surface.
Use for applying glue on the wall glazed tile a comb with V-shaped teeth, on a floor tile - a comb with square teeth, on a tile more than 30 cm in size and a tile of irregular shape - a comb with teethU-shaped.
Apply and level the glue with the smooth side of the comb, keeping it at an angle of 30 ° to the surface. At the same time lightly press on the edge of the tool, filling all the pores and voids present on the tile.
The minimum height of the layer of adhesive, at which all its binding properties are 2.5 mm. Consider the height of the teeth of the comb. The depth of the applied adhesive layer should not be less than the height of the teeth of the tool used.
“Comb” the glue using the toothed side of the comb, keeping the tool at an angle of 45-75 ° to the tile surface. The angle of the comb should be selected depending on how high the furrows should be.
Start laying the tile immediately after applying the adhesive to it. After completing the work, do not forget to remove residual glue from the front of the tile and from the grout. This can be done with a universal knife, if the glue is still soft, or with a special knife for trowels, if the glue has already dried.

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Tiling a Wall - Applying Adhesive
How to apply glue to the tile

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How to apply glue to the tile

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