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How to become a model in 2019

First of all, the girls themselves or model agents should identify the type of appearance of the future model. The definition of the model specialization is carried out according to the following parameters. Girls of 16-22 years old, having a height of 175-180, wearing a clothing size of 40-42, having parameters 86-60-86, have a chance to become a catwalk model or a high fashion model - the most exclusive type of model. Natalia Vodyanova, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are the bright representatives of this category, although the latter is only 169 cm tall.
To become a model, it is not necessary to have a slim physique. The last few years on the covers of glossy magazines more often appear the size model "plus" than their thin colleagues. For the plus size model, we allow growth from 157 to 185 cm and clothing size up to the 54th. The most popular models in this category are Chloe Marshall, Crystal Rennes, Whitney Thompson.
Underwear models can only be girls from 21 years old, with a slim sporty body and beautiful forms. Such models include Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepole, Andriana Lima.Glamorous models differ from underwear in that they work for a male audience, often acting half-naked. Naturally, such a model must be of legal age.
Girls 14-17 years old begin a career as a teenage model, which then develops into a career on the catwalk. In addition, at any age there is an opportunity to become a party model - a girl who demonstrates some of the most successful part of the body. For example, hands, eyes, lips, etc. Some models even insure their limbs, buttocks, or breasts, if they are the main source of their income. So did Gemma Howorth, who insured her hands for $ 5 million.
If the definition of the specialization of the model has put you in a dead end, you should contact the model agency where you can be helped. You need to choose only large agencies with a good reputation and extensive experience. Otherwise, there is a risk of being caught by the scammers.
Experts are sure that in order to become a model, it is not at all necessary to graduate from a specialized school or courses. Many famous models are nuggets. In extreme cases, the agency will prompt if the girl needs training.
The most important is the question of how to make a portfolio. Without it, starting a model career is almost impossible. You should not show agents a bunch of similar photos. First you need to select at least 5-6 of the most successful diverse shots.
A professional photographer can answer the question how to make a portfolio. If a girl does not have the opportunity to pay for his services, but they are interested in the agency, they can arrange a free photo session for her.
The visit to the agency should be started by filling out the form on the site. Going to the casting, do not need unthinkable hairstyle and combat makeup.


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How to become a model in 2019

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