How to buy a branded bag

And they sell these “works” in quite a wide price range: from the cost price to the cost of the original. You think there is no difference and there is no need to pay more for the same thing? Do not think that buying a bag in the transition, similar to the model of the famous couturier, you will become like a happy owner of a fashion brand. Connoisseurs will always see where the original is and where the fake is. So what is the secret?

Original bags are always sold in a branded box with the logo of the corresponding brand. Usually, before placing the bag in such a box, it is additionally packed in a cloth bag. Also in the inner pocket on the lining should be the designer's stamp. Often bundled with this brand bag comes and a certificate that confirms the authenticity. It indicates the bag number and protect it with a hologram.

The color of a quality item is uniform and flawless, of course, if this is not a design move. Be sure to inspect the purchased item in bright light.If the bag is leather, then to the touch it is always soft. There should be no admixture of foreign odors, - a leather bag smells only of leather. Also, it should not be wrinkles and folds.

Naturally, the original women's bags have very neat outer seams. Pay attention to the length of the handles and straps, in this designer bag they are always completely symmetrical and of equal length.

Assessing the external characteristics of the bag, switch to internal. When buying a branded bag, without fail, pay attention to its lining. The inside of the bag should be flawless. Stitched from good material, with even seams and no extra artifacts, the lining is a pretty good sign.

Well, do not forget about the price. Designer bag can not be cheap. It would be nice even before buying a handbag to carefully familiarize yourself with the assortment on the seller’s website or in the online store that exactly cooperates with the brand. This will give you the opportunity to see how the original handbag should look.


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How to buy a branded bag

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