Buying property abroad - an expert guide

How to buy an apartment abroad in 2019

You will need
  • - select a country;
  • - explore the real estate market;
  • - select an object;
  • - to have a deal.
First of all, familiarize yourself with the legislation of the country where you decided to buy real estate. In many countries, the purchase of housing does not give the right to obtain a residence permit. In order to legally reside in such countries, you will need an immigration visa, which you can get by investing in the economy or local stock exchange securities, as well as opening your own company or becoming a hired employee. It all depends on the laws of a country. There are countries where the purchase of real estate gives you the right to obtain a residence permit.
Before finally choosing one country or another, examine the trends of the real estate market. If in the region there are many places for building, it can lead to a fall in housing prices. The proposal will outpace the demand, and you will lose most of the money invested.In this case, it makes sense to revise your plans and look at a more suitable place to buy real estate. By purchasing a home in a country where there is a shortage of building sites, you will increase your capital, as in such places real estate will steadily grow.
Having defined the country, you can start searching for the object. Get an idea of ​​the proposed property and the order of prices can be on the Internet. After that, it is better to personally go to the country and see everything with your own eyes. Buyan apartmentabroad is possible through Russian real estate agencies, and you can through local real estate companies. It is better to resort to the second option, it will cost you much cheaper. If you do not know the language, use the services of a translator. In addition, many foreign companies have employees who speak Russian. View as many apartments as possible, study prices. Then you can make the right choice.
Find out all the details of the upcoming transaction. Ask what taxes you will have to pay when buying, and what costs you are waiting for the maintenance of the apartment. Do not forget to clarify how much you will have to pay a real estate company and a lawyer. What else could be the cost. If you are satisfied, you can set the date of the transaction.

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How to buy an apartment abroad in 2019

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