How To Celebrate The New Year

How to celebrate the New Year in Greece

The Greeks, like all peoples living in the waters of the Mediterranean, are very fond of holidays and celebrate. The very nature of Greece, its climate has to do with it. In fact, the series of New Year holidays begins on the night of December 25, when the whole of Europe celebrates Christmas, and lasts until January 8 - the holiday of Guinaykratia, which is celebrated in many provinces.
The day of January 1 in Greece is considered the day of St. Basil, the patron saint of the poor. This saint performs the traditional role of Santa Claus and fills the shoes that children leave on New Year's Eve at the fireplace with gifts. This is a family holiday, but the Greeks prefer to celebrate it at a party, with relatives and friends. If you do not have friends in Greece, and you are not invited to someone’s family home, you can always order a restaurant or celebrate this holiday in a hotel in tourist centers and major cities.
Like any holiday, the day of St. Basil is accompanied by traditions. On this day, try not to scream and not even raise your voice, so that the new year will go without scandals and quarrels.January 1, you can not drink coffee - the Greeks believe that by refusing to grind grain and drink a cup of coffee, they will avoid gossip and intrigue in the next 365 days. Broken crockery is considered a bad omen, so be careful.
If you are invited on New Year's Eve to visit, do not forget, heading there, grab a stone along the way. The owner will be very happy with such a gift, no matter how much load you bring. Give a big stone with the words: "Let your wealth be as big and heavy as this stone," and accompany the small stone with a wish: "Let the host's diseases be as small and light."
Get ready for the fact that the New Year's table and food will be quite plentiful and heavy. The traditional dish on this night will be baked pig and jacket potatoes. On the islands of piglet can replace the turkey. The decoration of the table will be "basil" - a cake dedicated to the saint - the patron of the holiday. Especially lucky that one of the guests, who will get a piece of this pie with a coin baked inside. Therefore, just in case, bite carefully so that, together with acquired happiness, do not break a tooth.

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How to celebrate the New Year in Greece

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