How to open, extract and convert RAR files

How to change rar-extension archive

You will need
  • Computer running Windows XP or Windows 7.
There are several reasons why this could be. Perhaps this is the error of the webmasters who uploaded this file to the site. Or they specifically download one file format, but with the ability to download it in different extensions. For example, on many office computers, system administrators block downloading music and videos from the Internet. And when downloading, for example, a video file to which the RAR extension is assigned, the system �thinks� that this is an ordinary archive.
First you need to activate the option to display the extension in the file name. In Windows XP it is done this way. Open My Computer. Select �Tools�, then �Folder Options�. After that, go to the �View� tab and find the line �Hide extension for registered file types�. Opposite the line there is a checkbox. Take it off.
In the Windows 7 operating system, this process is almost the same.Click the �Start� button and go to the �Control Panel�. Select the "Folder Options" section. Further actions are similar to those performed in Windows XP. Now you can change the extension RAR.
Click on the desired file with the right mouse button. In the context menu that appears, select "Rename." The file extension is indicated at the end of the file name. Erase the RAR extension and list the one you need. For video files - this is most often Avi, for music files - MP3.
After that, the file will be opened by the program that is set for this file type by default. Or you can independently assign the application to open. To do this, click on the file (after changing its extension) with the right mouse button. Opposite the line �Application� press the �Change� button and in the list of programs select the one that will be used to open this file. If there is no such list, click the overview and specify the path to the executable file of the program you need.

Video: How To Open RAR File in Windows 10 ?

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How to change rar-extension archive

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