How to check bonuses on MTS

You will need
  • - mobile phone
  • - SIM card operator MTS
  • - You must be registered in the "MTS Bonus" program
In order to see the amount of accumulated bonuses in the MTS Personal Account, you need to go to the site mts.ru. Enter your phone number in ten-digit format and password in the authorization form, located on the left. Then click "Login". On the personal page in the “My MTS Bonus” block you will see the total number of accumulated bonus points.
Also information about MTS bonuses can be found by SMS. To do this, send an SMS message with the word “Bonus” to the free number 4555. In a few minutes you will receive a reply message indicating the number of available bonus points.
Another way to find out the number of accumulated bonuses is to send a USSD team. To send such a command, dial the combination * 111 * 455 * 0 # and press the call key. In response to a request, you will receive an SMS with information about the remaining points on your bonus account.
If you are using an iPad or IPhone and the Internet from MTS, then install the free MTS Service application. To download the application, use the itunes.apple.com page. Install the program according to the instructions for the device used. Close all Wi-Fi connections and launch the MTS Service application. In the window that appears, click on the button “Get authorization code” and wait for the SMS with information. Then enter the received code into the appropriate form on the page. To view the number of available bonuses, go to the "My Account" section.
In order to find out the number of bonus points directly from your Odnoklassniki social network account, Facebook or VKontakte, log in to the MTS Personal Account login page. At the bottom of the authorization form next to the sign in "Sign in through:" click on the icon of the desired social network. Next, enter the username and password of your account and click "Login". After that, enter the password and login from your personal account in the MTS Bonus program. Wait for the SMS with confirmation code and enter this code into the appropriate form on the page. For information about bonuses, go to the MTS Bonus section.

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How to use make mytrip wallets & bonus for booking tickets/hotels.
How to check bonuses on MTS

How to check bonuses on MTS

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