How Do I Choose A Puppy?

How to choose a puppy

General recommendations

Puppies are usually considered ready for transfer to a new home after they have turned one and a half to two months old. During this period, they are already able to eat independently, and are also the most susceptible to acquaintance with their owner. Of course, you can have a more adult puppy, but in this case, you may be faced with the fact that the dog has already formed a style of behavior, and maybe even bad habits, which will have to be eradicated by the new owner.
Before choosing a puppy, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the future four-legged friend: the puppy should look healthy and playful. A conscientious breeder eagerly talks about both the mother and all puppies, giving them a fairly detailed description of their behavior, habits, and even their taste preferences. Such an owner will not limit in time those who came to him for a dog, and can give a lot of valuable advice.If the dog is lame, perhaps this is a consequence of playing with relatives, you should watch it for some time to rule out the possibility of a strong injury.
If the puppy is purchased in the nursery (for animals picked up on the street), most likely it has already been examined by veterinarians. However, it will not be superfluous to inspect his eyes and ears again - they should be clean, without any discharge or damage. The puppy's coat should be shiny, movement should be free. Already at a very early age, puppies have a different character, but almost all of them are playful and have a good appetite. Sleepy dogs tend to be after a game or feeding. If possible, it is better to linger a bit to eliminate the risk that the dog may be sick.

Choosing a future champion

If the goal is to acquire a puppy of a show class, that is, capable of later becoming the winner of the ring and an outstanding producer, it is very important to study the breed standard in advance - after all, some of the drawbacks are the so-called disqualifying defects. This means, for example, that a dog with improper pigmentation will simply not be able to participate in exhibitions. The cost of such puppies, no matter how many champions there are in their pedigree, is usually much lower.If possible, you must see the mother of the puppies. So you can see what the puppy will be like when she grows up, as well as assess her health and grooming.

Features of some dog breeds

If the puppy belongs to one of the breeds in which the ears or tails are stopped (boxer, Doberman, Rottweiler and many others), the breeder can immediately clarify all the necessary information. As you know, recently, among foreign breeders, dogs with uncropped ears and tails are increasingly common. A similar trend is observed in Russia, that is, the owners can act at their own discretion.

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Images: How to choose a puppy How to choose a puppy
Images: How to choose a puppy How to choose a puppy
Images: How to choose a puppy How to choose a puppy
Images: How to choose a puppy How to choose a puppy