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How to choose fashionable youth clothes size XXXL

The right choice of clothing size XXXL

Going to the store? it is not necessary to buy expensive clothes by famous designers, it’s enough to know some rules that allow you to look stylish and elegantly appetizing girls.
Is it very important to wear clothes? exactly the right size for you. Clothing smaller than the size will expose all the flaws of your figure, and a larger set will emphasize completeness.
Try to avoid bright contrasts when creating your image. The bottom and top of the suit should be in harmony with each other. For example, the combination of a warm shade of top and a cold bottom looks favorably. Also visually slims thin vertical strip. A dress of a classic cut of cold tone in a strip or a monophonic pullover and direct striped trousers will be ideal clothes for full girls.
Emphasize your merits.Almost all owners of magnificent forms can be proud of their bust. To highlight its beauty? Choose a not too deep V-neck. Do not wear round necklines and large collars.

The correct skirt size XXXL

The right skirt in combination with shoes with heels and light-colored tights will visually make you slim and fit. The most important thing is not to make common mistakes. Run away from baggy skirts so beloved by full women, they make a shapeless figure, visually increase it, opening your extra pounds to someone else’s views.
Ideal for ladies with pear type would be a pencil skirt in combination with a slightly fitted or draped top. An apple shape will decorate an elongated tunic or blazer, their length may vary from the knee to above.
The skirt does not have to be dark, saturated, bright colors, contrasting prints and vertical stripes are acceptable. Skirts with contrasting inserts are perfect - they visually reduce volumes.

Trousers and jeans for full ladies

Young girls will be appropriate to slightly narrowed trousers, but avoid too tight hips, you can use patch pockets as distracting details.
Straight or slightly flared trousers make the silhouette more harmonious. But miniature girls are contraindicated. Too wide pants make the figure bulky. Choosing trousers, stop the choice on monophonic or with a vertical strip, they will extend your figure.
Classic blue and black jeans are perfect for any look. Using high-quality jeans straight cut with a contrasting stitching, you can make several stylish sets. Remember that models of high-waisted trousers or jeans hide the belly and lengthen the legs.

Jacket, cardigan, tunic

Light, airy or denser warm tunics look good on plump girls. For example, an elongated tunic with patch pockets at the level of the oblique abdominal muscles will emphasize the waist, make it thinner. The same result gives a cutting line waist and a wide belt. Jackets with an English collar are gaining more and more popularity. Fitted and elongated to about the middle of the thigh - they will become an indispensable thing in the “pyshechka” wardrobe.
Colorful free-style cardigans will make a full lady more attractive.Just keep in mind that you should avoid thick large matings and too bright colors. Stylish asymmetrical cutouts, and clasp on the smell. But if you are short, be careful with the length, if you do not want to turn into a huge lump. The optimal length for such girls is up to mid-thigh. It is better to wear them with trousers or a narrow skirt.

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How to choose fashionable youth clothes size XXXL

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