Alan Watts - Choosing The Right Path

How to choose the right path in 2019

It often happens that parents and friends advise one thing, but a person still acts in his own way. It would seem that the mind suggests the correct logical decision, but the person does what the heart tells him. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to clearly understand what the sixth sense suggests. There are times when intuition keeps deep silence, and all sound thoughts have disappeared from the head. In this case, if you stand on raceswaye, and further development of the events of your life depends on your decision, then you should not hurry and voice your intention without having had time to understand yourself.
Take time out and take a trip. An ideal place for your relaxation and reflection on your own destiny will be India. In this country, special programs and seminars are held for all who wish to communicate with ancient monks. With the help of a translator you can ask them for advice, talk about the place of a person in the world, his mission and tasks. You will be taught meditation, during which you will be able to understand yourself and your desires.
Correctway- thiswaywhich you like and which you like.If you are doing something and get excited about it, then you are on the right track. For example, you do not just love to sing, and you do it perfectly well, as evidenced by the numerous vocalist job offers at local institutions. If you feel that this is yours, then you need to work even harder to achieve tremendous success. Engage with a teacher, go to prestigious educational institutions. The main thing is not to rest on your laurels, and then no one can beat you.
Choose the correctwayin life will help a simple exercise. Take a piece of paper and draw for yourself the perfect picture of the future. For example, you sunbathe on the coast near your own cottage. Next to the picture, write in two columns what you can do and want to do and what you don’t like and care about.
For example, you know how to cook and love, but you are horrified by the process of organizing and managing the culinary workshop. It means that you are not a manager, but a real master of your craft - a culinary specialist. Then go not to the popular courses of entrepreneurship and management, but to inexpensive courses of culinary mastery.Becoming the chef of an expensive restaurant, you will not only be able to “make a fortune” for yourself, but you will be engaged in your favorite activity every day.

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How to choose the right path in 2019

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