How to color Manga with Copic Markers

How to color manga

You will need
  • - manga sketches
  • - Adobe Photoshop
After you have drawn a sketch of the manga with a pencil, you need to circle it with a pen or ink. Do this with a different width of lines, which will give the image dynamism. Thicker lines are used for key places, to create accents, thinner ones - for transmission of distance, flowing hair, etc. A line of equal thickness creates a static boring picture. After the pen or ink is dry, gently erase the pencil.
Scan your pictures in the Grayscale model with a fairly high resolution. Open them in Photoshop. Use the eraser to remove unwanted artifacts. See that the contours are closed, then they will be easier to select. If somewhere it is not, add them. Transfer the picture to the RGB model. Now with the help of a magic wand, you can select separate areas of the picture for coloring.
Paint the picture according to the following algorithm. Highlight with a magic wand those areas that you want to paint in the same color.Create a new layer using the Layer menu or at the bottom of the Layer palette by clicking on the icon for the new layer (a square with a curved corner) and make this layer active. Increase the selection size by a few pixels using the Select-Modify-Expand menu. Fill the resulting area with color. In the same way, fill in the other colors with the remaining areas, each on its own separate layer. In this case, the layer with contours at the end must be at the top so that it can be seen and it covers slightly enlarged areas filled with color.
Do not forget to color the background.

Video: How to Color Manga by Mokacheer

Images: How to color manga How to color manga
Images: How to color manga How to color manga
Images: How to color manga How to color manga
Images: How to color manga How to color manga