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How to cook dolma: a classic recipe

You will need
  • - long grain or round grain steamed rice - 150 g
  • - lamb, pulp - 600 g
  • - lamb broth - 300 ml
  • - Onion - 1 pc.
  • - grape leaves (can be pickled) - 400 g
  • - oil grows. - 20 ml
  • - fresh greens - 1 bunch
  • - yogurt or thick yogurt - 200 ml
  • - garlic - 3 tooth.
  • - greens - 1 bunch
Only the best lamb pieces go to dolma. Wash the lamb pulp, get rid of the veins (a little fat can be left) and grind in a meat grinder.
Boil rice in water until half ready. Otherwise, in the process of cooking dolma, it will be poured and turned into a porridge.
Mix rice with meat and add chopped onion, greens, salt and pepper.
Grape leaves for dolma wash and dry. Separate the stalk and lay on the table. Two sheets to combine into one substrate. Put on each a teaspoon of minced meat and wrap tightly in an envelope like regular cabbage rolls. They should be no thicker than the index finger.
Very tightly, close to each other, put dolma in a saucepan at the bottom, add sunflower oil and pour 300 ml of mutton broth. Simmer under a tightly covered lid for an hour on low heat.
Put the prepared mini cabbage rolls in the grape leaves on a large platter. For juicy, flavorful dolma, serve in a skillet of yogurt or thick yogurt, mixed with chopped garlic, fresh cilantro and a pinch of salt.

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Greek Dolmathes (Dolma) (Stuffed Grapevine Leaves) Recipe
How to cook dolma: a classic recipe

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How to cook dolma: a classic recipe

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