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How to delete messages from the network

Go to the appropriate site, for example, on the forum. To do this, log in by entering your username and password. Leave some message. Now you have the opportunity to edit it. As a rule, such a function is in all forums. To edit your message, click on the link. It is located next to your message. If you want to delete a post, then find the corresponding button that is in the field of the message you created. But this possibility is not provided on all sites. If the removal of posts on a resource is impossible, then you can erase the record and leave instead a simple set of characters and symbols. Now no one can read your statement.
Do not be discouraged if the message cannot be deleted and corrected. Contact the moderator to remove the written post. But you must have very good reasons for this. If the site administration deems your appeal appropriate, then the post will be deleted. But it should be noted that moderators rarely meet users with such requests.
Delete the message in the social network. To do this, log in and go to the web portal.Highlight those letters or notifications that must be removed. To do this, put a "tick" next to the messages. Next, in the proposed menu, you must select the "Delete" button. And if you need to delete all letters, then click "Select all".
Delete the statement in the messenger, for example, ICQ. Enter the “Settings” menu. You need to select the History group, that is, “History”. Find a way to store correspondence with other users. Open the appropriate folder. Then you can delete text files with unnecessary messages. To do this, use the "Delete" key. You can press the “Shift-Delete” combination. In addition, confirm the ongoing operation.

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Images: How to delete messages from the network How to delete messages from the network
Images: How to delete messages from the network How to delete messages from the network