Determination of Water Content of Soil by Oven Drying Method

How to determine soil moisture

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  • - shovel.
Determine whether there is enough moisture in the soil, according to the appearance of the plants. With a lack of moisture leaves fall and wither. Good irrigation and irrigation can help. To determinehumiditysoilcan be in another way. Dig a hole 20-30 cm deep and attach the back side of the brush to the wall of the soil cut. If the root layer is dry or slightly moistened, water the plants.
Determinehumiditysoilon the earthen ball. To determine the optimal timing and rate of watering plants, you can use a small sample. Take a handful of earth and roll a ball out of it. If it crumbles on a hand - the soil is dry. Here, plants for normal growth will require additional watering. When the sample of the earth cools the hand slightly, it is fresh soil. During compression, it almost does not fall apart, because it is filled with water. This land is suitable for normal plant growth and does not require watering. If you take a sample in your hand and there are traces on the skin, this is a moist soil.It holds the shape of the ball well, but when rolled into a cord it breaks into pieces. Moist soil sticks to hands, but it is easily formed into a ball and cord. Humidified areas will require additional costs for water diversion, otherwise only weeds will grow on them.
Shows statussoiland its appearance. You can immediately identify it.humiditywhen choosing a site for a country house. The parched earth is of a lighter color, with a cracked crust and dusty with a light wind. In the early and late hours, it does not darken from moist air. Grassy cover dry and yellow. Cirrus and lichen are found. In fresh soil there are green mosses, lingonberries, broad-leaved lungwort and male fern. On the wet land of a plant with juicy foliage: a lot of lapta, rookey and blueberries. Excess moisture is noticeable immediately. Water reaches the surface. Small plants cover the ground with a carpet. Here is dominated by creeping buttercup, kukushkin flax, meadowsweet.

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Houseplants #3: Tools for testing soil moisture
How to determine soil moisture

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How to determine soil moisture

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