24 Signs Someone Likes You More Than Just a Friend

How to determine whether a person likes you or not

Pay attention to the position of his body. If you liketo man, he will more often face you, not his back. Wanting to understand everything that you say, this person will lean slightly towards you, stooping. In a sitting position, the person interested in you with the whole body (both hips and back) is turned in your direction. Hands and legs are not crossed. Making conclusions, try to be as objective as possible. Your interest into manmay prevent you from properly assessing the situation.
Look at the picture on the wall at the time of conversation with the person. And then look into his eyes. If you liketo manthen he will follow your gaze - just like you, he will look at the picture. (If there is no picture, then a paper clip will also work). Watching the person, do it imperceptibly. Otherwise, his behavior will only be a response to your close attention, and for the accuracy of the experimental results, an immediate reaction is needed.
Change facial expressions, play with facial expressions: frown slightly, smile at something, stand still for a moment, as if thinking. See if he “mirrors” his facial expressions. Tap your fingers on the table, notice if his fingers remain stationary or move, repeating your movement. It is human nature to repeat gestures and facial expressions after the one he likes.
Listen to what he is talking about, what he most eagerly answers, on what topics he starts a conversation. If a conversation on his initiative most often comes about what interests both of you, it means that a person wants to please you, convinces you that he is “soul mate”.
Touch his hand, telling a simple life story or an anecdote, get very close. If you liketo man, he will not withdraw his hand and will not move away, otherwise he will withdraw, trying to maintain a comfortable distance.

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How to determine whether a person likes you or not

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You (15 Signs To Know)
How to determine whether a person likes you or not

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