Photoshop - Disable/Enable/Delete Layer Mask

How to disable layers

You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • - file with multiple layers.
Turn offlayers�in a multilayer file, you can use the Hide Layers option in the Layer menu. This option can act on several objects. To indicatelayersTo be disabled, open the Layers palette using the Layers option of the Window menu and click on the selected objects while holding the Ctrl key. To select several layers located in the palette one by one, you can specify the first one, press the Shift key and click on the last layer.
Another way to turn off layers is to click on the eye icon, which can be seen to the left of the layer icon. When using this method, it is not necessary to selectlayers. If a series of layers is selected in the document you are working with, disabling one of them by clicking on the icon will not affect other selected images.
The option from the Layer menu and clicking on the icon in the palette can turn off the image layer, filter adjustment layer, smart object, groupedlayers�and the image from which the clipping mask was created. As a result, the image layer or smart object will no longer be visible in the document window, and the effect of the filter will disappear.
When you turn off a layer to which the option to create a clipping mask is applied, this layer will disappear from the document window. If you hide the object lying below this layer, the object itself and the layer above it will disappear.
To completely disable the grouped layers, just click on the visibility icon to the left of the group. However, Photoshop allows selective disconnection of layers within a group. To take advantage of this opportunity, expand the group by clicking on the icon in the form of an arrow, and disable the necessarylayers. If you try to make one of the layers of the disabled group visible, all its component images will turn on.
The background in a single layer file cannot be turned off without converting this image. By turning the background image into a layer with the Layer from Background option of the New group of the Layer menu, you will be able to do whatever you see fit with this image. After creating a copy of the background layer using the Ctrl + J combination, the background will also become available for disabling.

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Images: How to disable layers How to disable layers
Images: How to disable layers How to disable layers