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How to dress if you are thin

Throw out all the wide: hoodies, jeans in the rapper style and other shapeless clothes. As in the case of clothing for the full, it does not hide your thinness, but emphasizes.
Try on black. Slender ladies are very dark dresses below the knees. But too long black clothing is contraindicated. Black clothes for skinny ones should not be tight. Loss and narrowed trousers will not decorate you.
Wear multi-layered clothing, such as a white collared shirt and a blue jumper with a sufficient neckline. Choose clothing from textured, volume-creating fabric. Layered clothing will not only visually make you more dense, but also give you warmth.
Keep an eye on the picture. The vertical strip will pull you even more, that is, it will make you even thinner. Horizontal, on the contrary, will expand, create a harmonious impression.

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8 Hacks For Skinny Guys To Look Good (How to Dress If You're Skinny)
How to dress if you are thin

Style Guide For All Skinny Girls | Women's Fashion | Malini Ramani
How to dress if you are thin

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