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How to earn more tips

When choosing a place to work, give preference to classic restaurants with a large evening check. A good income is brought by beer bars, where it is customary to go to companies, as well as coffee shops with a quick turnaround of tables. The most disadvantageous in terms of tips places - cheap cafes, canteens and restaurants, where the calculation takes place on the map, which is issued at the entrance.
There are two systems for dividing tips. The first implies a “common pot”. At the end of the shift, all the money is summed up and divided among the employees in equal shares, and not only the waiters and bartenders, but also the kitchen employees are taken into account. Another option is that all the money left by your table goes to you, but you do not have the right to divide someone else's tips. The second method allows you to earn more, but only with quick service.
Try to get on the service of popular tables, for which customers willingly sit down.In most restaurants, the distribution of work is managed by the administrator or the chef of the hall. Establish a good relationship with him - your future income depends on this person.
Do not demonstrate that you are only interested in tips. Owners and managers of the restaurant are interested in the profit of the establishment. Increase the amount of the check - this will provide you with the best tables, and, possibly, an additional bonus.
Do not leave guests unattended. If there is a delay in the kitchen, go to them, explain that the ordered dish will arrive in 10 minutes and offer to pass the waiting time by ordering another cocktail or a glass of wine. Increasing the check will ensure you a good reputation in the eyes of the management, and care will make the favored guests more generous.
Watch the guests carefully. If they uneasily look around the room, ask what they need. Requests to bring a menu, a wine list or an account should be carried out at lightning speed. The more agile the waiter, the better the opinion of guests about him.
Learn the menu and wine list. Be prepared to recommend a particular dish or drink. Forget phrases like “Well, we have everything tasty” or “I don't know, I haven't tried this”.If you are asked for advice, answer clearly and confidently - this makes an impression on the guest. Warn if the dish is very spicy, contains garlic, a large amount of onion or an unusual sauce. You should know the ingredients that make up each meal, the serving size and ideally its calorie content.
If guests come with children, take care of the babies. Parents will appreciate it. Bring your child a compliment from the institution if it is practiced in your restaurant. Be prepared to fulfill unusual requests, such as serving a glass of milk that is not on the menu, or scrambled eggs without bacon. Try to convey the request of the guests to the kitchen and make sure that it was executed.
When it is time to settle, do not disappear. Be in sight of the guest. Bring lightning fast. Try to have it filed in small bills. Do not expect that after a business lunch a guest with a generous hand will leave you a hundred-hundredth piece of paper. Most likely, not having with him more than small money, he will not give you a tip at all. Please note that guests dislike metal money.

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Images: How to earn more tips How to earn more tips
Images: How to earn more tips How to earn more tips