How to check Plastic Quality/Tupperware bottle

How to evaluate the quality of plastic windows

You will need
  • - Certificate of quality;
  • - Standards GOST;
  • - License permission for the company;
The quality of plastic windows depends on the materials used in the production, the availability of modern technical equipment and the seller’s practical experience in installing profiles. Therefore, do not forget to require a certificate of quality when buying windows. Make a purchase only if the company provides a service for the further maintenance of its products.
Pre-familiarize yourself with the State Standards for the quality of profiles adopted in Russia. If the plastic windows meet European standards, give preference to products conforming to RAL-GZ 716/1. These requirements are considered the most stringent in terms of the physical and mechanical parameters of a plastic window, as well as accessories and components.
You can be convinced of the professional qualities of a company by asking the manager to grant a license to the activities of the company, which mentions the quality of services to be accepted standards.Prefer companies that do not just sell profiles, but also install them. If you apply to different companies for the purchase and installation of a profile, you can then search for the guilty for a long time when the plastic window fails.
View all profiles before installing systems. Pay attention to the absence of mechanical damage, deformation of the surface both on the system and on the double-glazed windows. Quality windows have clear contours. The presence of chips, breaks of lines, violation of the overall color range are alarming signs. Be sure to check the availability of all components: window sills, ebbs, accessories.
During installation of the window system, check the quality of work. For example, an excessive amount of foam, made in violation of the instructions, will subsequently lead to deformation of the profile. Sills and sills can be installed after checking for the absence of deformation as a result of mounting the system. Check the functionality of all installed hardware, ask to adjust it if necessary.

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Tensile test on plastic with a manual test stand and a force gauge
How to evaluate the quality of plastic windows

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