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How to feed a newborn up to 1 year

Pediatricians of all countries are convinced that breast milk is the best food for a child from birth to one year. After all, this food not only contains vitamins, trace elements necessary for the growth and development of the baby, breastfeeding gives mother and a sense of intimacy, togetherness. Also, mother's milk gives the newborn protection from diseases, strengthening the immune system. At the same time, a nursing mother should definitely follow a diet.

The correct diet baby up to a year

When breastfeeding a child, its menu should contain a single item — mother’s milk — for about half a year. If the baby eats with the help of mixtures, the time of feeding for him comes earlier. In any case, it is necessary to enter porridges, juices and mashed potatoes in the menu of a small gourmet only after agreement with the pediatrician observing the child and always with monitoring the reaction of the consumer.When buying ready-made baby food, carefully check the composition of the portion, giving preference to a proven manufacturer.
Experimenting with tastes can be from four months, including in the diet of infants juice - vegetable or fruit. The first portion should be just a few drops. For starters, it is better to choose the juice from green apples, pears, avoiding citrus fruits, berries. It is advisable to dilute the juice with water in the ratio of one to one. Giving a nutritious drink is necessary before meals. The best option is freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits grown on your site. But in the absence of its own harvest is to give preference to baby food from the store.

Mashed potatoes, cereals and meat

Complementary foods will help the child's digestive system to adapt to adult food and make the transition from breastfeeding to it smooth. It is possible to introduce puree of vegetables and fruits into the baby’s diet already from 5-6 months, depending on the type of feeding before this - mixture or breast milk. You need to start with a quarter of a teaspoon, gradually increasing the proportion of mashed potatoes eaten. Apple, squash, pumpkin puree is ideal as a complementary food for the first time. To begin with, these must be hypoallergenic and one-component products.Feed the baby mashed properly before meals and in the morning to be able to see the reaction.
Good nutrition of a child from 6-8 months should include cereals. First - dairy-free, for example, buckwheat, rice, and after - with milk. Feeding cereals should start immediately with a spoon so that the baby gets used to using cutlery. At about the same age you can eat a little cottage cheese, boiled egg yolk, chopped banana.Cottage cheese and other dairy products for baby food need to be bought in the dairy kitchen, store products will bring little benefit.
It is possible to introduce meat in the form of mashed potatoes from 7 months, gradually adding a portion of a product to vegetable mashed potatoes. You need to start with turkey, tender veal, rabbit. It is necessary to feed the meat in the morning, so that the crumb did not experience heaviness in the stomach.
Giving kefir and other dairy products can be from 9 months, and acquaintance with baby baking should be arranged in 8 months. But the fish is better to postpone for a period after the year, because this product, although it brings a lot of benefits to a growing body, is an allergen.

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How to feed a newborn up to 1 year

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