How To Feed a Puppy - How To Choose the Best Puppy Food

How to feed a puppy

If the puppy appeared in the house by chance, then the question of what kind of food to give him - dry or natural, is not worth it. In your ability to only give him what is in your kitchen. In this case, no sausage, sausages and, especially, something smoked, it can not be given. If the puppy is still completely crumb, and its age clearly does not exceed two months, then give him only dairy food.
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Immediately exclude raw chicken legs and other parts of broilers from the poultry farm - they are fed with hormones and different chemicals. In extreme cases, you can use only the broth from such a chicken, which can brew oat flakes "Hercules". If they are not, then boil porridge on this broth. Remember that before you give your puppy cooked food, it must be cooled so that it is only warm.
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Boiled pieces of a bird or rabbit with a tubular bones should also not be given to the dog - the sharp edges of the bites it bites can damage the esophagus and stomach. From meat it can be raw or boiled beef, but the fish - only boiled and only sea, without bones.It is better not to give anything solid, if the puppy is already over 4 months old and his teeth are cut.
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From dairy it can be given almost everything - milk, cottage cheese, kefir. But cheese, especially hard and sharp varieties of dogs is contraindicated. Even if you are overwhelmed with feelings and you do not feel sorry for him, do not give your puppy any sweets and other sweets, white buns, cakes and cupcakes.
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Fine, if you have vegetables in the fridge. They can be given in any form - raw, boiled and stewed. Fruits, even citrus, if the puppy wants, then give.
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And please do not overfeed it. If he gets to you from the street and gets hungry, then you need to give him some food, within 100-150 g. Even if he insists, show restraint and feed him again only after a couple of hours. But give him fresh water and plenty.

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How to feed a puppy

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