Disk Formatting As Fast As Possible

How to format a disk quickly

Open Windows Explorer. This can be done in many ways - for example, you can double-click the “My Computer” shortcut on your desktop. You can use the program startup dialog - press the key combination WIN + R, enter the explorer command and press the Enter key. And the easiest way, perhaps, is to press the key combination WIN + E.
In Explorer, select the disk you want to format and right-click it. Select "Format" in the pop-up menu. As a result of this action, the formatting operation settings window will open. The “Format” item may not appear in the context menu of the disk, since not all media can be subjected to this operation using the standard Windows operating system.
Put a check mark in the “Quick (clear contents)” field under “Formatting Methods”. As a result of erasing the contents of the selected disk, the operating system will continue to consider this disk as empty, and new data will be written over the existing files.
Check the box next to “Use compression” if you need to slightly increase the capacity of the disk after formatting it. Then the operating system will compress the data with each write and unpack it with each reading. However, such an algorithm for working with files will require the use of a significantly larger amount of computer resources. Before activating it, you need to weigh the stock of processor power and RAM, as well as the resource-intensive tasks that you usually solve with the help of this computer.
Enter your own name in the Volume Label field that will be assigned to the disk after formatting in addition to the letter assigned to it.

Video: How to Format Disk or Drive Using Command Prompt

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How to format a disk quickly

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