Repair or not to repair? Category C & D insurance write-off total loss. (UK)

How to get category D rights

You will need
  • - category B rights;
  • - 3 years experience of driving;
  • - funds for training in a driving school;
  • - medknizhka.
Go to the driving school. In order to obtain the rights of category D, you must have a document confirming the fact that you have been driving for 3 years (technical passport, protocols, rights of category B). And also 30-40 thousand rubles for training. You will have 2.5 months of hard preparation for the exam. During this time you will need to attend 24 theoretical and 14 practical classes. Most driving schools for practical classes provides a car LAZ.
Take practical classes very seriously, especially if you have never traveled by bus. Driving a bus is much more difficult than it seems. When the course is completed, you will have an exam.
Pass the exam. Before the exam you will be asked to present a medical book, a passport (without them you will not be allowed to take the test). The exam is essentially the same as category B.The 1st part of the exam is tests on a computer (theory), the 2nd part is an exercise at the circuit (ground), the 3rd part is city driving (practice). The most difficult is the last part of the exam, because LAZ maneuverability is very, very low.
After successfully passing the exam, go to a driving school with your old rights. You will be photographed and given the rights of category D.
Be careful on the theoretical part of the exam. There are cases when people accidentally or with excitement click on the wrong answer, and then nothing can be fixed.
When passing the 2 parts of the exam (especially in winter), make sure that the asphalt at the circuit is suitable for safe driving. If there is ice on the road or it is raining, ask to postpone the exam.
Helpful advice
When you receive the rights of category D, you can simultaneously pass the exam for category C.
Before leaving, ask the inspector for permission to inspect the bus. Having carefully examined it, you not only make sure of the reliability of the transport, but also raise yourself in the eyes of the inspector.

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Images: How to get category D rights How to get category D rights
Images: How to get category D rights How to get category D rights