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How to get premium access

Get the right program on the developer's site. First of all, you will need to register on the site (to use the "paid" profile in the future). It is very likely that the program will provide you with a link (you are a pop-up menu or in the tab “Help” -> “Purchase premium version”), clicking on which you will be taken to the purchase menu. On the opened page all advantages of the paid version will be reflected and possible payment methods will be presented. The most standard of them are purchases using Visa, MasterCard or WebMoney. After the transfer of funds, you will be provided with information on how the premium access will be activated: by entering a serial number, online authorization, or by downloading a special version of the program.
Getting premium access to any website on the Internet is similar. However, be careful: there is a much higher percentage of fraud in this market. Try to avoid buying any kind of accounts and services on suspicious sites.
Small “casual” games distributed via the Internet are patched to the premium version, just like other software.
Getting the "premium version" of a serious project from a large gaming studio can be problematic. First of all, a number of bonuses are received by those who buy the game even before the official release (prepares a pre-order). The most convenient way to do this is in online stores, such as EA Origin or Steam - the process is arranged simply as the purchase of a game, which you can download only at a certain moment.
Purchase a "gift edition." It includes a lot of collectible things relating to the game world (world map, character figures, small objects) and, most importantly, all the advantages of the extended version (additional levels, DLC). You can also purchase the game via the Internet, however, it will be delivered by mail (accordingly, an extra charge for transportation appears). It is preferable, however, to purchase a "collectible" in a retail store, if there is such an opportunity - as a rule, it is cheaper.

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How to get premium access

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How to get premium access

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