Top 10 Shocking Facts About Solarium

How to go to the solarium

First of all, before visiting the solarium, it is necessary to properly distribute and calculate the time of visits. So, in tanning beds of any type, it is advised to start tanning from 3-5 minutes a day and in no case more. Further, the procedure can be gradually increased, but up to a maximum of 10 minutes per visit. Also, walk insolariumcorrectly - it means giving the skin a rest (preferably a day or even two or three).
Optimally, if the cream needed for tanning, you pick up directly in the tanning bed, because it is significantly different from the usual means intended for a beach tan. The composition of this cream must include ultraviolet filters. It should also be borne in mind that choosing the necessary tool for tanning in a tanning salon is unlikely to manage with one. Different areas of the body require different care and protection. Therefore, it will be necessary to acquire at least two means: the first - for the body, and the second - for more delicate skin of the neck, face and decollete.
Taking a tan naked, it is still necessary to cover the chest. For this purpose, special stickers are provided, which are sold in these institutions. Their only minus, quite painful tearing. But instead, you can successfully use the usual napkins. If embarrassing or fearful for their own precious health is quite possible tan in the solarium and in a swimsuit.
It is imperative to use large napkins, offered in a solarium of the vertical type, which you need to become at the very process of tanning. By the way, this type of (vertical) is considered the most effective in the world.
In no case is it recommended to use deodorant before visiting a tanning salon. Naturally, it is necessary before making the procedure and completely remove the makeup.
In the case of any cosmetic operations on the skin, especially the face (this includes even the usual cleaning or face mask)solariumalso categorically not recommended.
After carrying out procedures in a solarium of any type and modification, it is not recommended to take even a hygienic shower and other water procedures in order to avoid skin injuries.

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How to go to the solarium

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