672# How to Grow Parsley From Seeds | Result of 62 Days | Winter Herb (Urdu/hindi)

How to grow parsley in winter

You will need
  • - boxes or pots;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - claydite;
  • - chalk or wood ash.
For the cultivation of parsley at home, you can use the most diverse packaging - wooden and plastic boxes, pots and pots, plastic containers and buckets from mayonnaise, cups of sour cream and other containers. For planting it is best to take root parsley varieties, as it is less susceptible to diseases, it is easily stored and quickly gives the first greens.
Virtually any land mixed with sand, sawdust or peat will be suitable as soil. Pour an even layer of expanded clay at the bottom of the tank; it will play the role of drainage and remove excess water to the outside. It is not necessary to add fertilizer to the soil, since the planting material contains many nutrients. To neutralize the acidity, add one teaspoon of regular chalk or wood ash per kilogram of substrate.
The first method of growing parsley - with the help of seeds. To do this, seeds are planted in the prepared soil (previously germinated in warm water). It is advisable to choose leafy varieties, the best option - the cultivation of curly parsley, since it is this variety will give a beautiful, lush and fragrant greens. After sowing, pour the soil abundantly and place the box or pot in a sunny place (on the window sill on the south side). If the seeds germinate too thickly - thin them and grow to the formation of full-fledged foliage.
It is recommended to waterparsleyonce a week, at the same time try not to allow waterlogging. The optimum air temperature for growing greens is +22 degrees.

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Growing parsley is easy, Can grow in doors.
How to grow parsley in winter

List of Vegetables You Can Grow in Winter
How to grow parsley in winter

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