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How to heal with music

������Vocal therapy
Vocalotherapy is not only mastering the technique of singing, but also a method of therapeutic and health effects, activation of the protective functions of the body. A voice is a sound vibration, vibration, one of the manifestations of energy that we create with the help of the vocal cords. Many nations have methods of self-healing through voice. Modern research has shown that all nature exists in the oscillatory range of sounds, even a blooming rose makes a sound similar to the muffled hum of an organ.
We know the world in images, but we can transmit thoughts only by voice. But in most cases, when we utter a word, we transmit only 1% of information, energy, originally embedded in this concept-image. The person does not work in full force the instrument of expression of this word - vocal-pneumatic system. The range of sound is very narrowed, like a bad speaker: there is only the middle - 600-900 Hz, there are no bottoms and tops.It turns out it is without a soul, colors. Our physical health, career and well-being largely depend on the normal functioning of the reproduction mechanism - speech. Try and you use your voice to become more happy, balanced, healthy.
Muscle training
� Muscle training - the ability to breathe in the stomach will help to give the necessary strength to the sound. Every day from 3, gradually increasing the time to 30 minutes, breathe in the stomach. To do this, place your hand on your stomach and make sure that the thoracic regions do not move when breathing. This exercise can be done in the same way, lying on your back, instead of putting your hand a few books on your stomach.
� Every day, going up to the mirror and opening your mouth wider, lift and lower the soft palate 12 times, the back tongue on the throat. Saying at the same time something like a stifled "a, a, a, a ..". Like at the doctor's office when you show your throat. When yawning, we make this movement automatically.
It is especially recommended to sing vocalises, these are short pieces of music for a few minutes where you have to sing a melody with vowels. At the initial stage, you can take the vocalizations of composers F. Abt and G. Seidler, then look for more complex ones.Choose the ones you like best, in tune with your inner state. Even if there is no ready-made soundtrack with vocals - do it yourself, sing the sounds for health, invent your own melodies, this is very exciting and what is important - it is good for health.
In order not to harm yourself, you should be attentive to what you are doing. Listen to your own feelings, an incorrectly picked note cuts off hearing, it is obvious that it will not bring any benefit.
Doctor sound
� Sound �E� Activates the neck and throat area, the thyroid gland. Helps the brain work. Is it because people say "EEE", looking for the right word in a conversation?
� With nasal congestion - sing the sound "And". At the same time, this sound heals the eyes and ears, the kidneys, and promotes intensive blood circulation.
� �A� relieves spasms, has a beneficial effect on the heart, chest and gallbladder.
� �O� treats the pancreas, stomach, increases blood supply to the heart.
� Before exercising, rinse the nasal cavity with water, using a cotton swab or disc to avoid inhalation of germs on the mucous membrane into the lungs.While singing, a person takes a deeper breath than usual.
� Always inhale with the nose and exhale with the mouth. Any sound is always pronounced exhaling.
� Main position - stand up straight, arms along the body. You can just make sounds out loud, but do not scream and do not strain.
� You can sense how a certain organ responds with a barely perceptible vibration.
� When pronouncing a sound, mentally direct its flow to the diseased organ.
� Work in a relaxed atmosphere so that no one is watching you.
� Each sound is pronounced six times with the same duration of inhalation and exhalation.
� Exercises should be performed continuously, at the most convenient pace.
� If you want to move your hands while you are singing, helping yourself, do not restrain yourself - express yourself. Thus, you will have sound qigong - Chinese gymnastics.
By uttering sounds, we kind of �clear congestion� in the energy channels, that is, stimulate the pituitary gland - the main organ regulating the metabolism in our body.
Music therapy
�In Russia, even there was such a way to cure the sick. The occupant was placed in a circle so that the person would be in the center of the sound effect and dance around him with songs.If, in fact, the disease was a failure of normal internal biorhythms, the song and singing is a very strong doctor.
In psychotherapy, as a method of healing, music therapy appeared in the middle of the 20th century.
Varieties of music therapy
According to the effects of music therapy is divided into physiological and psychological. In the first case, the therapeutic effect occurs due to the activation of the brain. And in the second case, the music works, evoking certain emotions.
Music therapy is divided into active and passive. When passive, you are listening to music. If active, be included in the process of writing a melody. It is not necessary to compose a cantata, it can be a simple simple melody of several notes.
When music creates emotional experiences, complex changes take place in the body at the level of hormones and psyche, affecting the metabolism, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, brain tone, and blood circulation.
In the rhythm of health
With the help of music therapy, you can improve the recovery of brain activity after a stroke. Music therapy helps with neurosis and autism in children.Accompanying family therapy, music therapy will enhance its effect. The main thing is that the spouses like one piece of music.
Unlike traditional medication, music therapy does not cause allergies, side effects and addiction. In everyday life, everyone listens to what corresponds to his mental state or mood. We put the sounds in unison with us. The wider the range of acceptability in music, the more varied the melodies, styles and trends that a person listens to, the more healthy the psyche and harmonious personality he possesses. "Looping" on a particular group or direction, signals certain personal problems, perhaps hidden in the depths of the subconscious. A variety of musical tastes, talks about emotional stability.
However, you need to know that the classical harmonious music most closely matches the correct infusion of the body. These may be works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin. Below are a number of pieces of music recommended for listening. It is of course conditional, you can add it to your preferences, based on practical experience.
Healing classics:
� Treatment of insomnia - �Sad Waltz� of Sibelius, �Dreams� of Schumann.
� �Requiem� by Mozart, �Sonata for piano �7� by Beethoven, 2nd part - favorably affects people who are depressed and depressed.
� The gastrointestinal tract is happy to accept Beethoven�s Sonata No. 7, the music of Mozart. For example, daily listening to these works improve the scarring of ulcers.
� Pain, including headaches, reduces listening to works: Oginsky's Polonaise, Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody, Beethoven's Fidelio, Don Juan Mozart, Masquerade Suite Khachaturian
�Music treatment rules
� Relax - take a comfortable posture. It helps to �take� the full effect of the music. It does not matter whether we want to experience a calming or stimulating effect.
� Treatment with music should be such as not to cause fatigue and possible protective reactions. Start at 5 or 10 minutes. Unusual music can at first cause an effect down to the opposite.
� Calculate volume. Low volume should be chosen not only for soothing, but also for stimulating music. Loud music tires the nervous system.
� After listening to music, rest after the treatment.It has a positive effect on mental balance.
� Sleep to music, during sleep, we are able to perceive the world around us at an unconscious level. Especially music therapy affects restless and excited people who find it harder to relax while awake.

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How to heal with music

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How to heal with music

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