The Secret to Turn a Normal Car into a Luxury Car - Sound Proofing

How to insulate the car in the winter

You will need
  • - glue,
  • - the heat-insulating material.
The main reasons for overcooling cars are heat leakage through the cracks in the doors and in the trunk lid. With the “ninth” and “tenth” models, elimination of such defects is minimized: it is enough to replace the sealing gum of the luggage hatch before the coming cold weather, and even lubricate all the door seals with silicone grease, adjusting the door locks if necessary.
With regard to the machines of the "classic" series, the holding of such events will be clearly insufficient. To truly insulate the salon "Lada" will require a large investment of time and labor.
Prior to the start of the work, it is necessary to visit the building shop and purchase a suitable heat-insulating material in it, which is much cheaper in cost compared to the identical thermal insulation sold in auto shops. The main thing is high quality glue.
Then, patterns are cut from the insulation to the ceiling. The places of future sticker of heat insulating material are abundantly lubricated with glue, its thermal conductivity and the formation of condensate on the inner surface of the roof depend on the quality of the adhesive insulation (this is highly undesirable).
In the next step, the insulation is glued to the panel behind the back of the back seat, as well as in the niche of the specified sofa.
Next, cut the pattern pasted on the front shield that separates the cabin from the engine compartment.
The last pattern of the insulating material is glued to the floor of the bottom of the body.

Video: Full soundproofing car. Vibration isolation and noise reduction.

Build your own car camper. PART 5 Getting insulated
How to insulate the car in the winter

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