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How to iron fabric in 2019

Before you start ironing, study the label, where sketchy pictures illustrate the rules of care for a thing. The iron with three dots means that this thing can be ironed at the maximum temperature, two dots indicate the average mode, and one says that the thing needs to be gently smoothed out at the lowest temperatures. A crossed iron means that you cannot iron a thing. Do not risk - it is better to hang it carefully after drying.
The most "temperature resistant" fabric is cotton. It needs a very hot iron. Set the mode regulator to maximum - on most devices it is the number “3” or the “cotton” mark. Cottonfabricsiron wet, best from the inside out. Be careful with white and light things - if the iron lingers in one place a little longer,fabricsappear yellow tan
Similarly, iron and linen products. Maximum temperatures and constant moistening are indispensable conditions for the treatment of such tissues.Consider that linen things are almost impossible to smooth perfectly smoothly - this is a featurefabrics. Do not strive for flawlessness; it is permissible to look a bit crumpled with linen things. And flax and cotton should be ironed immediately after washing, without drying to the end. If dry things lie for several days, ironing them will be very difficult.
Fabrics with the addition of polyester require a more delicate approach. They should be ironed only from the inside, setting the mode “wool” (for thick fabrics) or “silk” (for thin things) on the iron regulator. If your piece is attached shredfabrics(it is usually sewn into a seam or placed in a small plastic bag), you can pre-test the heated iron on it. The fact is that allfabricswith the addition of polyester, they have different structure and density and, accordingly, react differently to high temperatures. Iron gently, drive the iron quickly, without lingering in one place for more than a few seconds. It is not necessary to achieve the perfect look - it is better to “underdevelop” a little, than to hopelessly spoil a thing.
Woolenfabricstreated with an iron, the regulator of which is set to the mark "wool" or the number "2".They are ironed solely through a thin cotton cloth or gauze, which can be pre-moistened with water and wrung out well.
And finally, silk. The principle of natural silk fabric ironing is similar to polyester processing. When smoothing do not use spray guns, ironing agents in the spray - they can leave indelible stains on silk.
Almost allfabricscan be perfectly smooth with a steamer. Clothes designed to be steamed are hung on a special bar on the hangers, and bed linen, curtains and bedspreads are laid out on an ironing board. The main thing in this process - to monitor the purity of the water poured into the tank. Use only clean drinking water.


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How to iron fabric in 2019

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How to iron fabric in 2019

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