Five Ways to Confidently Respond to Uncomfortable Questions in English

How to learn to answer uncomfortable questions

"When will you get a job?" or "What is your salary?"and other questions on the topic of work are very annoying, especially if people who are not very close ask them. Briefly enough to answer "I have enough" or "I did not find (found) the best job in the world." You should not immediately get annoyed, perhaps the person wants to help with a profitable job.

On the question of marriage or marriage, for example "Why are you still not married (not married)", you need to begin to describe the future spouse (spouse) in all the smallest details, starting with the appearance, character, habits, welfare, and end with love for children, cats, potential relatives, tearful TV shows, etc. The main thing is to tell for a long time and with gusto to paint every feature of the future elect. In the end, the interlocutor will get tired of such a conversation and he will change the subject.

To the question "When will you start a child? "No need to refer to health problems or financial difficulties, it is enough to send this question to her husband.

If people are often interestedlevel of earnings, you can offer to ask your boss about this or ask for advice on an expensive store of quality shoes. Such answers are usually stunning and completely discourage the desire to ask about wealth.

To the question "How much are new shoes?"one can answer that a month on bread and water was enough to get a new thing.

On tactless type questions"When you go on a diet," "When you stop eating at night," or "When you go in for sports, etc.", simply ask, "And what about the time?". Such an answer is likely to confuse the interlocutor, and he will leave unnecessary questions.

"I do not know" - the universal answerin any situation. Hearing them a couple of times, the questioner will leave stupid questions.

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How to learn to answer uncomfortable questions

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How to learn to answer uncomfortable questions

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