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How to look good at first sex

Preparing for the first sex

In case of dissatisfaction with your body should lose weight to the first sexual experience. Pump up the ass or press never hurts. During the first sex is pleasant to look at the sexual partner in good physical shape.
Need to visit the lingerie store. Choose a set that emphasizes the dignity of the figure and, accordingly, hides its shortcomings. Win-win options: pink underwear with laces or leopard with leather inserts. In the new underwear girls gain confidence automatically.
In the first sex will help to look good intimate haircut. Haircut in the intimate area will drive any partner crazy. This erotic experiment shows that the girl is watching her appearance, is ready to surprise and delight her chosen one. Modern intimate beauty salons can make haircuts in the form of various colors, animals, geometric shapes.
Standard procedures will help men and women to look good at first sex: body peeling, manicure, relaxing bath, pedicure, hairstyle, clean clothes, unobtrusive perfumery, epilation in the right places.

First sex

It should start with kisses and erotic massage, using oil. Body in oil look more attractive. Penetration of the penis should begin with a strong sexual arousal. At the same time, a woman should try to relax as much as possible. A loving man should do everything with tenderness and care so that for his partner the first sex is less painful.
For the first sex, the following positions are preferable: classical missionary (the man is on top, and the woman is on the back with legs apart), “spoons” (woman on the side, man on the back), “rider” (woman sits on top of the partner).
It is necessary to trust men. After all, they are bolder than women and they are much easier to cope with anxiety. Partners should not think about what they look like when having sex. Since these thoughts distract from the process. You need to enjoy each other's proximity.
Should be prepared for the fact that the first sex may not like. Moreover, if the sexual partners are a strong couple, then over time they will learn to get maximum pleasure from having sex.

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Images: How to look good at first sex How to look good at first sex
Images: How to look good at first sex How to look good at first sex
Images: How to look good at first sex How to look good at first sex