How to make a cold wave

Use for cold styling comb and own hands. Wash your hair well, but do not dry it completely. Apply a special styling gel to clean and damp hair. Then take a comb with frequent teeth and back away from the central parting one and a half centimeters to begin to form the firstwave.
Place the middle finger of your left hand in the place where you plan to create a bending wave. A comb placed perpendicular to the head, departing 1 cm from the middle finger, sharply brush the strand away from the intended point of bending.
After that, lay the comb flat on your hair, and then move your hair with the comb with your index finger, trying to press it against the middle finger, so that you have a “crown” between the index and middle finger.
Continue to comb the hair in the opposite direction. From the first crown, which was between your fingers, pull back a couple of centimeters and once again mark the place of the bend of the next wave with your middle finger.
Once again, sharply slide the comb in the opposite direction to form the second crown and start a newwave. Connect the waves at the back of the head and lead them from the larger and smaller side of the parting. Fix hair clips so that in the process of styling curls are not displaced relative to each other.
Pinch your hair gently, making sure that no hair wrinkles on the hair.

Video: Live recording of a synth wave/cold wave track. (inspired by DM, M83, shoegaze...)

Natural:My Sister's Cold wave Rod set @marquita_83
How to make a cold wave

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How to make a cold wave

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