DIY Super Easy Way to Make a Dreamcatcher | Step by step! Easy tutorial! DiYana

How to make a dream catcher with your own hands

You will need
  • - internal circle from the hoop (diameter about 15 cm)
  • - long thick threads (thickness 1.5-2 mm)
  • - beads / large beads
  • - feathers
  • - transparent glue
  • - knife / scissors
Fully wind the hoop with thread. It is necessary to wind very tightly so that there are no holes. You can use threads of different colors, so your dream catcher will be more rainbow and beautiful. Tie the ends of the thread tightly.
Where you tied the ends of the thread, tie another thread - the beginning of the future cobweb.
After 3-4 cm from the beginning, turn the thread around the hoop. Tighten well. Thus it will be necessary to braid the whole hoop.
When the first row of weaving is finished, turn the thread again, but now not around the hoop, but around the first row itself. Along the way, you can thread beads or beads on the thread.
Weave a cobweb on this technology, while the circle does not narrow at all. Tie the last knot and tie it a little with transparent glue for reliability.
On different sides of the almost finished catcher, tie the strings, thread the beads on them and glue the feathers.
It remains only to make a string on which the dream catcher will hang. Lace is done in the same way with the help of the thread. You can decorate it with a large bead.
Your personal dream keeper is ready. Have a nice sleep!
Helpful advice
Do not overdo it with the number of beads and feathers - excessive jewelry will look hard and coarse.

Video: DIY Dreamcatcher | How To Make A Dream Catcher Tutorial

DIY Dream catcher | how to make a dream catcher
How to make a dream catcher with your own hands

DREAMCATCHER DIY Tutorial | How to make a dreamcatcher
How to make a dream catcher with your own hands

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