Make Your Own DIY Custom Brand T-Shirt Without Transfer Paper Tutorial

How to make a t-shirt with your own hands

You will need
  • T-shirt, stencils, fabric paint, brushes, pins, thermal paper, iron, tweezers, gloves.
To get started, get the necessary materials -t-shirtand acrylic on fabric. Consult the seller - he will help you choose the paint from a good manufacturer, which does not peel off after the second wash. If you are afraid of contact with chemicals, also get thin rubber gloves in which you will be comfortable to paint.
Draw yourself, cut from the magazine, or select on the Internet and print the picture. Moreover, how many colors are present in the figure, so many copies need to be made. Then cut out the details of one color on each sheet. Thus, you will get several stencils, which you will alternately redraw onto yourt-shirt.
Attach one stencil ont-shirt. So that it does not move, you can fix it with pins. Itselft-shirtit’s better to put something solid on a stool, a table, or just put a piece of cardboard under it. Gently paint over the cut areas and allow the paint to dry. After that, repeat the same with the second stencil, the third and so on. Let the picture dry. That's it, your shirt is ready.
If you do not want to bother with stencils, apply the image on the fabric in another way. Print the inscription or picture you like on a special thermal paper. Moreover, the picture should be mirrored so that the image on the T-shirt looks correct. Printing in the settings is better to choose in the best quality.
White paper when transferring the image to the fabric gives a slightly yellowish color. If this is important for you, cut the pattern along the contour.
Attach the picture on thermal paper to a T-shirt and iron it for one or two minutes with an iron. Then, for three to four minutes, allow your application to cool. Then gently remove the paper with nails, or with tweezers. Figure will remain on your shirt.

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How to make a t-shirt with your own hands

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How to make a t-shirt with your own hands

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