How to remove a white background or make it transparent in photoshop

How to make a transparent background in Paint

Run In the File menu, click Open and specify the path to the image. If you choose a picture with a uniform background, then it is convenient to use the Magic Wand tool. Click its icon on the toolbar or press S on the keyboard.
On the property panel, specify the sensitivity of the wand. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the selectivity of this tool. Those. at a sensitivity of 100%, you highlight the entire picture with fine details. With a sensitivity of 5%, a very small area will be allocated. Set the appropriate value for this parameter and click on the background. A fragment of the image will be circled in a dotted line.
Click Delete to delete the highlighted area. The background in this place will become transparent. Click on a section of a different shade that you want to remove, and click Delete again.
You can do otherwise. On the property panel, open the "Selection Mode" list and check "Add (Merge)". In turn, click the mouse on the fragments of the image that you want to delete, then click Delete - the selected areas will be deleted immediately.
If the background is colorful, you can use the eraser tool. Click the corresponding icon on the toolbar or the letter E on the keyboard. On the property panel, specify the diameter of the eraser. If you want to feather the border of the fragment to be deleted, select “Smoothing allowed” in the list to the right of the “Width” window.
Delete the background with an eraser, changing the width of the tool if necessary. To remove small fragments, use the Magic Wand.
If you want to create your own picture on a transparent background, in the File menu, select the New command and double-click the Background layer in the layers panel. In the new window, uncheck the box next to the "Visible" item.

Video: How to Make a Transparent Background on for Free

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How to make a transparent background in Paint

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